Friday, March 18, 2011

Model Mystery

While taking inventory and cleaning out Dorothy Carpenter Medical Archives materials at Piedmont on Friday, March 11, one of our discoveries was this:
 It took me, Lesa and Mark to unwrap it and find all the little parts:

We started wondering where it came from and why we would have it in the Archives section (provenance). Mark posed with "her," as we dubbed it, and thanks to smart technology, an email was sent to Molly and David. David asked if it was damaged and yes, it is while Molly said keep it and research it.

While driving back to Gray building, we had time to think about it and thanks to smart technology, we also had clues, i.e. photos, so others could help us solve the mystery - the fun part of this job, playing detective!

Cowabunga! Mystery solved, thanks to documentation from my predecessor!

It was donated by Sherry Foster from the Physicians Assistant Program and arrived to its new home at Piedmont on August 25, 1998. According to the PA Program, it is a 1950s anatomy mannequin. When a medical museum comes our way, "she" will live in her dream home. Meanwhile, "she" remains packed at Piedmont.

A tangent: I appreciate Joanna arranging the trash and recycle bins as well as the boxes collected. She also spent her day in the dust with us including sitting on the floor processing slides. Thank you to her, Lesa and Mark!

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mon said...

thats why we document EVERYTHING in never know when it will be needed and we have relied on this method many many times and it has always proven to be successful!