Friday, May 28, 2010

MLA Day Three

Attended Sunrise Seminar sponsored by Wiley on Essential Evidence Plus, which replaces Daily POEMS (Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters) Presentation given by Mark Ebell, physician from Univ of Georgia, who has written over 900 of these
He compared DOE (disease oriented evidence) to POE (patient oriented evidence) and discussed the product in detail
talked about other guidelines sites, including British NICE guidelines; later this summer these products will be available for Iphone and blackberry

NLM UPDATE - This is given each year towards end of MLA meeting - Don Lindberg, head of NLM presented overview; 2011 NLM will be 175 years old;
CRISP has been replaced with REPORTER (this is a grants database).

New: two big efforts - Disaster Information Management Research and Toxicology and Environmental Health
In common are gross failure of communication

MeSH turns 50 this year - has gone from 4000 terms to 26,0000.

Deborah Zarin presented info on clinical and spoke about FADAAA - her presentation is up on the web
Sheldon Kotzin - six travelling exhibits from NLM
Medline Plus being redesigned
MedlinePlus CONNECT button being built into EHR (this was presented at the all day workshop that I attended and can be linked to the ICD codes so that it automatically takes a patient and their practitioner to MedlinePlus from their diagnosis
NCBI Molecular biology training is being reinstated
Historical images are being added to FLICKR (this one is for Dianne!)

ENDNOTE X4 ----- OMG ---- ENDNOTE X4 OK so Rochelle is the only one that cares about EndNote. But seriously, if anyone remembers meeting Randy Wright when he came here to talk about Refman in his leisure suit, he actually gave an excellent presentation to about 200 people in a packed room about Endnote X4 and Researcher ID!!!! The newest version (coming out in late June) will magically take a PDF or a whole folder full of PDF's and convert them into an EndNote database.......... Whoa.......

At the POSTERS, there was also a librarian from Indiana who figured out a way through her I.T. dept to fix Internet Explorer so that you can direct import citations from PubMed to EndNote or RefMan (which everyone says cannot be done). Again, she had a crowd at her poster, and has published it in the latest issue of Med Ref Services Quarterly. (on my desk).


BUZZ WORD: disambiguate (as in authors)

web site:

That's all!

MLA Day Two


attended Sunday Sunrise Seminar with ISI about their quantitative measurement products - analytical info
Keynote speaker Daniel H. Pink, author of A Whole New Mind was entertaining and thought provoking
Evening cruise sponsored by Ebsco; had chance to talk to Brian Alpert, founder of Dynamed
Sunday exhibits were open as well as multiple programs and workshops - NEJM technology showcase featured new platform for ejournal with coverage back to 1990 (from 1993) plus availability of archives. Journal will still not make powerpoint slides available to institutions as part of subscription (only to individual subscribers)


Attended Sunrise Seminar with Cochrane, sponsored by Wiley,led by Carol Lefevre (British), Senior Information Specialist who gave excellent update. Presentation will be available to participants.
For information on their new editorial policy, go to
For Cochrane podcasts, go to
For the newest information for Cochrane for Librarians, they have revised the original chapter on searching Cochrane and it can be found at
There is also a Cochrane Library users group listserv at

Carol Lefevre has recent articles on searching Cochrane in Evidence Based Library Info Practice and in Journal of Clinical Epidemiology.

PLENARY SESSION; The Janet Doe Lecture, presented by Ana Cleveland, Regents Professor and Director of Health Informatics and Houston Programs, Dept of Library and Information Sciences, College of Information, University of North Texas, Denton, was excellent, inspirational, and sometimes depressing, too. She sees future "librarians" coming from disciplines other than library science degrees. She began the talk with a discussion of how we should not use the term "professional librarians" (there are NOT professional lawyers or professional doctors) but should live up to health educational standards and comform more to AMA than ALA.

She talked a lot about collaborative research initiatives and centers of specialization such as bioinformatics and biomedical sciences and referred to a recent paper in Academic Medicine. Her quote was "Health is essential and crucial in the lives of people; quality information is needed for quality health care; and health sciences librarianship/informatics has the resources to contribute to the well being of the people."

Her personal philosophy of the profession was that we need to develop partnerships, more joint appointments, academic units, health care integration, research/resources; critical thinking and managing change.


(full presentation available on a flash drive or can get a copy from Springer)

I attended a session sponored by Springer about their latest products, including pieces of their web sites that are free to all, whether or not you buy their packages. These include (out of 2 million images, 50,000 + are free) is free and pulls metadata from Springer publications and from Biomedcentral; has a "look inside" the Ebook reader; and we also have the opportunity to offer any of our students or faculty something called "MY COPY" which is a print on demand service for any Ebooks that we subscribe to via Springer. For the price of $24.95 including shipping and handling, they can purchase a gray scale copy of any of these books (or download free pdfs of any individual chapters) and we can brand them with the library.

AFTERNOON: Translational Science sessions; Exhibits: Quertle - free search engine ( demo)

(I have code and program for videos and web sites for entire meeting and will try to look over topics that might be of interest to specific people when I get extra time - it will probably be JULY :) )

MLA Day One: Report from our Nation's Capitol by Rochelle Kramer

DAY ONE - Travel Day -
Friday, May 21 -

Toured NPR Library with Kee Malesky - She (and other NPR librarians) keep an internal Wiki to provide journalists and broadcasters with up-to-date info on topics of interest, arranged in a very logical and very useful web site. It is highly used and much appreciated by the NPR staff. To listen to Kee, you would think that Librarians run NPR! She was amazing. We also viewed the music library and its archives. They have hired three new librarians just for digital archiving and are in the process of converting all their transcripts (as well as all their reels and tapes and cds dating back to the beginning of NPR in 1971) eventually to digital media on servers.

My AHA moment was when we we standing around Kee Malesky's office and she had an incoming call from Scott Simon (on her caller id) that she ignored to continue talking to us!

Saturday, May 22 -

Attended all day symposium on "E-patients: the technocultural revolution of health consumers". Have handouts and web links to sites and info from the day. Speakers included "Librarians in the trenches" - people who have developed electronic systems to interface with medical records such as My Health E Vet and CPRS electronic system as well as Vanderbilt's system (article to be published in July JMLA); then a very emotional session called "consumers in the trenches" that focused on two people "epatient Dave, who survived kidney cancer by doing research on his own disease and advocating for his own care and a famous medical rights advocate named Regina Holliday who is an artist who has painted murals and has also done the cover art for BMJ and other international journals after her husband died of cancer after a horrible experience with medical records and the medical system in DC.

The afternoon session included Q & A and vendor demos of different future integrated systems, including the connection between Medline Plus and some medical records systems where the ICD codes will be used to link to Medline Plus terms.

• avoiding pitfalls - better health literary skills needed - how to search; how to communicate with physician
• better training of health care professionals
• better health website design; testing on real users with mixed literacy skills
• Vanderbilt EMR - evidence provision within; My Health at Vanderbilt - 110,000 users; mostly female
Epatient Dave - Society for participatory medicine;

Regina Holliday - BMJ Sept 12, 2009 cover. 73 cents - mural on wall on Connecticut AVE