Friday, May 28, 2010

MLA Day Three

Attended Sunrise Seminar sponsored by Wiley on Essential Evidence Plus, which replaces Daily POEMS (Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters) Presentation given by Mark Ebell, physician from Univ of Georgia, who has written over 900 of these
He compared DOE (disease oriented evidence) to POE (patient oriented evidence) and discussed the product in detail
talked about other guidelines sites, including British NICE guidelines; later this summer these products will be available for Iphone and blackberry

NLM UPDATE - This is given each year towards end of MLA meeting - Don Lindberg, head of NLM presented overview; 2011 NLM will be 175 years old;
CRISP has been replaced with REPORTER (this is a grants database).

New: two big efforts - Disaster Information Management Research and Toxicology and Environmental Health
In common are gross failure of communication

MeSH turns 50 this year - has gone from 4000 terms to 26,0000.

Deborah Zarin presented info on clinical and spoke about FADAAA - her presentation is up on the web
Sheldon Kotzin - six travelling exhibits from NLM
Medline Plus being redesigned
MedlinePlus CONNECT button being built into EHR (this was presented at the all day workshop that I attended and can be linked to the ICD codes so that it automatically takes a patient and their practitioner to MedlinePlus from their diagnosis
NCBI Molecular biology training is being reinstated
Historical images are being added to FLICKR (this one is for Dianne!)

ENDNOTE X4 ----- OMG ---- ENDNOTE X4 OK so Rochelle is the only one that cares about EndNote. But seriously, if anyone remembers meeting Randy Wright when he came here to talk about Refman in his leisure suit, he actually gave an excellent presentation to about 200 people in a packed room about Endnote X4 and Researcher ID!!!! The newest version (coming out in late June) will magically take a PDF or a whole folder full of PDF's and convert them into an EndNote database.......... Whoa.......

At the POSTERS, there was also a librarian from Indiana who figured out a way through her I.T. dept to fix Internet Explorer so that you can direct import citations from PubMed to EndNote or RefMan (which everyone says cannot be done). Again, she had a crowd at her poster, and has published it in the latest issue of Med Ref Services Quarterly. (on my desk).


BUZZ WORD: disambiguate (as in authors)

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Julie said...

I care about Endnote!! and how many PCs I have to run their updates on every x months :)

I found a video of the 2010 Joseph Leiter NLM/MLA Lecture - Knowledge Services and the Role of Medical Libraries in Healthcare IT