Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WFU Eye Center

Several Coy C. Carpenter Library employees were mock patients late in the afternoon on Thursday, July 2, 2009 when Kirk Huske of the WFU Eye Center walked the tourists through the Department of Ophthalmology. While waiting, patients can view antique eyeglasses, an old eye exam machine, other antique objects and a historical poster in the lobby area.

The Eye Center moved to the sixth floor of the Richard Janeway Clinical Sciences Tower in September 1990. It has five main patient areas for its seven sub-specialities of: retina (including tumors of), cornea, glaucoma, uveitis (infection), neuro-ophthalmology, ocu-plastics and pediatrics. Other features of the Center include an optical shop and the NC Lions Clinical Research Center that includes two examination rooms for the current 14 clinical trials in session. Academic offices, including space for residents, and a small library/conference room are located within the department.

There is also a separate pediatric patient area where Dr. R. Grey Weaver would speak to the parents in the small waiting area, all the while observing the patient. He then would take the patient to the examination room where special lights and sounds would attract the child's attention so Dr. Weaver could examine the eyes.

Ms. Huske shared several of her experiences as an employee of the Eye Center for 39 years. She started as a technician in glaucoma. Her current and official title is Residency Coordinator but she does many other things, including tours. She also shared knowledge about ophthalmology in general, such as the inside back part of an eye is called the fundus. And that ophthalmology is the only speciality in which a doctor can look inside (via the eye) and see the pathology of the body.

While the CCCL employees did not see inside the body, they did see what some Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center coworkers do every day.