Monday, March 21, 2011

Computers in Libraries, Day 1

Keynote. Google guy's plane was three hours late, so a panel filled in and talked about him behind his back, and they ended up being more interesting than the speaker himself, who spoke during the lunch hour. Panel discussion partly here

Secrets of Super Searchers: Mary Ellen Bates
She was also at the Entrepreneurial Conference at ZSR recently, but there she was talking about her business and here she shared tricks from the ever-evolving search engine market.
·         Google now has AROUND proximity search (use caps) Not earth shattering, but makes a difference if you try comparing phrase searching with AROUND
· – see the use of a word (in books) over time. For example, I searched consumption, tuberculosis to see where the rise and fall of each term was used.
·         Block content farms from your search results “Personal blocklist” block {domain} chrome works best, of course you have to sign in to Google
·         Yahoo correlator: limited to wikipedia related concepts Aggregated queries, zeitgeist
·         Bing now has a NEAR operator. Autism near:5 vaccination
· for disambiguation
·         Blekko... Blocks spam and content farms automatically Specialized slash tags.  / sort by relevance or rank or date
· now has a timeline Less clicking, more browsing

Search Engine Update: Greg Notess
·         A battle against content farms; beware of permanently blocking something, changes in an instant...ehow may be useful again someday
·         Google recipes only use content that is marked up according to the google markup language
·         Notice the Google left side options constantly changing, even some features from the advanced search screen have moved left
·         Phonebook features are gone from google
·         Look at your google ad preferences, pretty interesting (wow, it thinks I’m in the 25-34 age range!!)
·         Blekko /liberal or /conservative Qwiki, different approach

Google books keynote rescheduled from the morning
James Crawford, engineering director
·         Why, how, and what can be done with fifteen million scanned books
·         Part of larger mission to organize the worlds information
·         Six years later, the project is over fifteen million books
·         Thirty thousand plus publishing partners
·         Back to 1473
·         Ranking books is harder than web pages, not as many references, esp in fiction
·         478 languages
·         Hard to do OCR in Klingon

In Pursuit of Library Elegance: Erica Reynolds and John Blyberg
·         See the book by Matthew May
·         Rules are outta control
·         Signs are bandaids
·         Limited resources help spark creativity and innovation

SharePoint Tips and Tricks: Jeff Wiesniewski,
We need sharepoint 2010!!!
·         Content Organizer features bulk file imports
·         Rules-based file migration
·         Automatic routing to the appropriate library
·         Tags and managed metadata, tag clouds
·         Enable user ratings will float useful content up
·         2010 will automatically import some picture metadata
·         Federated search in win 7, you can connect w desktop search
·         Search engine filters out broken links
·         Managed term sets
·         Semantically link items
·         Dropbox with global rules if it has metadata
·         “Document sets” group related docs together as a set, for example ppt and handouts and spreadsheet, packaged together as a set Semantics trump security
·         Mobile! Add ?mobile=1 to end of the url to see how it will render for mobile
·         Drive adoption by making sharepoint-only content, don’t continue to email the documents, that enables the resistors

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