Monday, April 12, 2010

CIL2010: Digital Commons: Building Digital Communities Using Digital Collections

Jim DelRosso, Web & Digital Projects Manager, Cornell University
Librarians can build online communities around their digital collections in the same way they build physical communities around their physical collections. Makes the Library SUSTAINABLE!

Interest leads to a sense of ownership - it's theirs on some psychological level, helps people have to have an investment in the Library.

Interest: what users want AND what they need. What do we do when these two things differ?

Larger scale reference interview = Assessment. Turn outcome-based assessment into successful marketing.

Use Google Analytics to dig deeper into how user audience interact with collections.
Allow for user-created content - really creates a sense of ownership. Also user-sponsored content, and user-organized content. More than a traditional repository. Faculty pubs is user-created content!

River Campus Libraries - browse new titles ( scroll down)

Develop a sense of investment - creates superusers that interact directly with the collection. Will also interact more directly with librarians, and with each other. Investment starts to look a lot like community.

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