Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CIL2010: Content Containers: Transforming Publishing & Purchasing

Stephen Abram, Vice President, Gale Cengage Learning

Do content containers matter anymore? Paper and cardboard does not a book make. From books
to learning experiences and images to streaming media, the movement in content containers is changing. We are all about transactions - checking out a book, clicking on a page, etc. Is the container the software, the computer, or the PERSON?

What does your experience look like? Bricks, clicks, AND the Librarian's tricks?
Reimagine your physical space by your experience's point of view.

Textbooks are transmogrifying outside of the physical book. The old containers aren't going away, but they are always physical. CONTENT isn't going away but the experience is changing rapidly. It's about discovery and learning space. How does distance ed affect higher ed? How do we change the dynamic of the library and adapt to the new experience? Track WHEN your users are on library resources and WHERE they are coming from.

How do we build Knowledge Portals, Experience Portals, Learning Portals?
Transformations not Transactions
The 21st Century book experience is quite different.
We need to assemble them FOR people. Containers no longer matter.

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