Tuesday, May 22, 2007

MLA 2007 Monday, May 21

Two other presentations were interesting but I don't have much to say about them.

Millenials Find Treasure in the Library was a description of an orientation that the Weill Cornell librarians created for incoming MD students. New students met at the library where they were given a "treasure Map" of the Library and they had to find their ways to various locations within the library and on the library's web pages and through the use of rhyming clues find the answer to the clue. The member of the first team to find all of the clues got a USB Memory Stick as a prize. It turned out to be a fun way of introducing the students to the library even if things were a little hectic during the actual hunt!

Books to Bedside is a program from the SUNY Upstate Medical Library (in conjunction with the Onondaga County Public Library system to deliver reading materials to the patient's bedside utilizing the library staff and hospital volunteers. Some problems encountered along the way: patient rooms too small to get the book cart in so that a patient couldn't browse the selection, some patients too ill, library staff unfamiliar with public library online library system (since many patients were not registered public library users), lots of books disappearing; but the patients who utilized the service were very happy with it and the volunteers were very enthusiastic about participating in the program.

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MollyK said...

I've heard of library treasure hunts where the prizes ranged from memory sticks to free printing/copies (not much of an incentive for our med students, but maybe other groups) to gift cards to local restaurants (great for students new to area). I think this might be something we should think about!