Monday, March 26, 2007

Sharing made easy!

Following the lead of our esteemed colleagues over on the Reynolda Campus, and with encouragement from MollyB & Julie, I'm creating a blog where we can share tips & tricks, bytes & insights from the various professional development activities we each attend. Although sharing knowledge gleaned from meetings, workshops, and conferences via emailed synopses & handouts is beneficial, if you don't have time to read them immediately, such emails can get lost amid the inbox shuffle. By creating a centralized place that we can all contribute to, regardless of locale (ideally we will post while attending such activities, so the info is fresh...but back at work is fine too), we will be better able to track and synthesize the multifaceted professional development pursuits of Carpenter librarians!

1 comment:

Julie said...

you're gonna have to send me an invitation!!